Space Samurai - Flickr - Polycaps_Ainatotz

Wednesdays are not normally known for being busy hubs of activity, but tomorrow throws convention to the wind and gets pretty nerdy anyway.

  • First off, the day begins with Phoenix Comicon’s initial wave of 2013 guest announcements. (Woo hoo!) I will have them up as early as possible.
  • Then at noon Deborah Deacon, Ph.D. (woah, fancy) will be giving a lecture titled Samurai In Space! Sounds fascinating when you think of just how influential the samurai warrior archetype (and his armor) have become in science fiction. Of course, I’d go just based on the awesome title alone. Takes place at the Phoenix Art Museum.
  • Third, the Independent Game Developers Association asked me to share that they are having a public meeting, and all are invited. They get together and talk about all things video game creation, with Wednesday’s topic being Depth In Gameplay, presented by Ara Shirinian. It’s at 7pm at ASU.
  • Lastly, Monsterland in Mesa is kicking off a weekly Video Game Night. Sounds like it will be very First Person Shootery, and very 21+. Starts at 8pm. Bring your own controller if you can.

Nerd it up, folks!