Saturn -

This weekend, Phoenix  parades with Jedi, gets derezzed, experiences the solar system, and games all night long.

I’m cheating a little and including next Monday, since it’s New Years Eve.

Don’t judge me.

Saturday, Dec 29th

Ghostbusters & Star Wars at The Fiesta Bowl Parade [Phoenix]

I’ve received word that both the Arizona Ghostbusters and some local Star Wars costumers will be nerding up the parade for us. Starts at Central and Bethany Home around 11am. Official parade info for those interested.

Daft Punk Tribute Party [Phoenix]

If you’re into nts-nts-ntsss-ing and woawwwwiooooh-ing, a few bands are gathering at the Crescent Ballroom to go 100% Daft Punk on you. Do the robot, pretend you live in a computer, and enjoy the grooves of one of geek culture’s favorite music makers. 21+ with doors opening at 7:30pm.  Here is a bit more info.

Our Solar System by Future Loves Past [Tempe]

Or you could spend the evening leaping from planet to planet as Future Loves Past performs their new concept album – all about your favorite system of planets. But it won’t just be the music; they’ve invited body-painters, models, fashion designers, narration, and set designers. Counting myself a bit of a space junkie, this event tempts me sorely. Starts at 8pm at The Sail Inn. Get all the info you need right here.

Monday, Dec 31st

All Night New Years Eve LAN Party [Peoria]

Input caffeine, output gaming. LAN Speed Games is having a lock-in all night to ring in 2013 gamer-style. Seats are limited and cost $30, so swing by and reserve a seat if you can. There will be prizes and pizza. Check out their site for more info (scroll down).

Also, a quick reminder that some of the best (and most unique) events that I post are sent to me by readers. If you know of awesome stuff going on, please don’t be shy. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and even email! We live in the future!