This weekend, Phoenix gets steampunk goodies for charity, and snaps its fingers with the Addams Family.

Have fun!

Friday, Dec 14th

Evermore Nevermore Unclaimed Charity Event [Mesa]

Go See The Hobbit! [Everywhere]

  • You’ve waited long enough!
  • Go!

Saturday, Dec 15th

The Addams Family Musical?! [Tempe]
  • I am not really a musicals guy (at all), but I would actually love to go to this.
  • I mean, look at that picture up there.
  • Tickets aren’t cheap, but it’s a Broadway show, so…
  • At Gammage, with most shows starting at 7:30pm.
  • (It’s actually playing all weekend, but I needed something on Saturday to balance the post out.)

Enjoy your weekend! Let me know what I missed.