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Last Saturday a few dozen bloggers willingly sat through 45min of me rambling about Firefly.

I talked about energizing fans and followers, some thoughts on how Whedon was able to do that with Firefly, and how I’m trying.

Want to watch the entire thing in all of its awkward glory? Well, here you go:

(Actual presentation starts around 9:35)

I must admit it’s a bit of a rush to share an insight and watch people lean forward and take notes. I had fun and the TechPHX crew did an amazing job coordinating some last minute requests on my part.

My recap slide at the end goes by a bit fast, since I was running out of time. For those of you actually interested, here it is:

Be Unique!

  • Create identity through layers
  • Have an individual style by breaking rules

Have A Cause!

  • Bring your villain to life
  • Give your fans a human hero

Rally The Troops!

  • Find a symbol
  • Let the fans own it

Let me know what you think!