Arizona has more than its fair share of nerd centered conventions, but that list just got a little smaller.

Vul-Con officially pulled the plug on their convention yesterday. You can read their announcement & reasoning over on Facebook. This happens not too long after the Devastation video game convention also announced its end.

I’ve gotten to know the Vul-Con guys over the last year or so, and I wish I had half the passion these guys do about gaming (plus they’re just wicked friendly), so I’m pretty bummed 2013 isn’t working for them.

As a guy trying to build up Arizona’s geek culture, I hate making posts like this – but on the plus side, they vow to continue pouring their passion into the local gaming community. (Awesome.)

I actually took my little family out to Vul-Con last year and took some pics if you want to see what it was like. I also mentioned their passion and ambition in my Ignite Phoenix talk about how awesome Arizona geek culture is.

Best of luck to them in their new adventures!