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This weekend, Phoenix hangs out with gamers, the dead, comic book junkies, browncoats, and steampunkers.

I hope you had a great Halloween – now have a great weekend!

Thursday, Nov 1st

Tech Forum 2012 [Tempe]
  • Meet some folks from Ubisoft, Bioware, Microsoft, & more.
  • Going on all weekend at The University of Advancing Technology.
  • Free and open to the public.
  • Learn a little more and register here.

Friday, Nov 2nd

Dr Diabolic’s Traveling Road Show [Phoenix]
  • Fill your evening with a random mix of undead entertainment.
  • The Day of The Dead will be celebrated with dancers, b-movies and more.
  • At the Phoenix Art Museum at 7pm.
Dracula! [Basha High School – Gilbert]

Saturday, Nov 3rd

Tucson Comicon! [Tucson]
  • Mini-roadtrip down to Tucson for two full days of comicon glory.
  • Local awesomeness, cosplaying, and general convention-ness shall ensue.
  • At the Tucson Convention Center Saturday and Sunday.
  • Learn all about it.
Arizona Browncoats Shindig [Phoenix]
 Steampunk Masquerade Ball [Tempe]

Get out, have fun, do something different and interesting.

Let me know what I missed in the comments.