riker's godly beard

This weekend, Phoenix follows Captain Picard, goes to Mars, hacks games, and beats the crap out of itself on screen.

Same old weekend? Here, have a weird one instead:

Thursday, Nov 29th

Star Trek: TNG – Season 2 Event [All Over]
  • Ah, the second season of TNG; so much good, so much… other stuff.
  • Relive the best moments (Why hello there, Borg!) and best hair-dos (Worf!) that Season 2 has to offer.
  • Q Who and Measure of a man will both be screened.
  • Find a theater, get tickets, pretend to rub Picard’s head – starts at 7pm.

Jackie Kashian [Tempe]

Friday, Nov 30th

Arizona Pastorela: Mission to Mars [Phoenix]

Saturday, Dec 1st

HackPHX Html5 Gaming Hackathon [Mesa]
Cult Classics: Fight Club! [Tempe]
  • Finish off your crazy weekend by enjoying a bloody Brad Pitt and Edward Norton!
  • Relive what it’s like to be Jack’s Medulla Oblongata!
  • Starts at 9:30pm at Pollack Tempe Cinema. Show tends to sell out, so grab tickets.
  • (I knew I could make it through without any “the first rule of” jokes!)

Let me know if I missed anything, and have a great weekend!