Steampunk Masquerade - Stampunk Family the Von Hedwigs - Flickr

A steampunk party without goggles? Poppycock!

Wild Wild West Con 2013 is throwing an official launch party next weekend, and it’s all about futuristic Victorian glitz and glamor.

Trade in your goggles for a fancy mask and lift a pinky or two while enjoying some hors d’oeuvres. There will be live music and entertainment, photos (of course), and even some prizes – so don’t hold back.

Perhaps a visit to the haberdashery is in order?

Grab these details, then make sure to grab tickets, as they are limited:

  • Saturday, November 3rd.
  • From 6pm to midnight.
  • At the Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel, in Tempe.
  • Costumes are highly encouraged, as are masks – neither are required.

Get tickets (not cheap) and a few more details over at Wild Wild West Con 2013’s official site.