Nerd Walk! - DreamPhotographyStudio

It’s time once again to heed the call of the nerds and assemble. The PBS Nerd Walk is happening this weekend during the ASU Homecoming Parade.

That’s right, a small army of nerds, sandwiched between face-painted sports junkies and mildly intoxicated frat-boys, will proudly march with their peers, fists pumping in the air to the chants of math jokes.

Strength will come in numbers, comrades, as together nerds march in solidarity – and the first 100 people to sign up get a “PBS Nerd” tshirt!

The lowdown:

  • Saturday, October 27th – around 8am to 10am.
  • Register real quick online, then meet at this location early for donuts and Nerd Shirt distribution.
  • One member will be crowned the “Nerd-In-Chief.”
  • March begins around 9am and everything ends at 10am.
  • Last year we all stuck around, went to Chili’s, and got to know each other.

Some additional details from the organizer:

This year, we will be meeting near the start of the parade (on McAllister Drive just south of University). Our position in the parade line-up has not yet been determined, but look for a sea of Gold Nerd Shirts and a Delorean. I will, of course, pass on more details when I get them.Also, ASU has granted free parking for all Nerd Walk participants. Please go to the parking garage at the intersection of Rural Road and Lemon Street. Simply tell the attendant you’re volunteering for ASU Homecoming and you’re in. If you plan on taking light rail (not a bad idea) you can get off at the  University and Rural light rail station.

Oh yeah, that’s right: we’ll have a Delorean (complete with flux capacitor). Reason enough to participate?

It’s a genuinely fun experience, and I hope you can all make it out. I met some awesome people last year.