If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen my vague requests for help researching Firefly and its fans.

I got a way bigger response than I was expecting. Over four dozen people volunteered to answer some questions about the show and how they feel about it; another testament to the awesome power of Firefly. A few readers were curious what this is all about, so I thought I’d give a quick sneak peek of what it’s for.

Basically, next month I am speaking at TechPHX – an “unconference” that focuses on blogging, podcasting, & social media.

There will be some amazing professionals coming to talk about important things like WordPress and marketing and social media tools… and then there will be me talking about cowboys in space.

Should be pretty sweet.

My actual topic is “Turning Followers Into Browncoats,” and it will be about what I think Whedon did right with Firefly, why fans love this canceled show so much, and what bloggers (or anyone trying to build a community) can take away from it.

So if you’re curious what my core philosophies are about blogging and/or the crew of Serenity, check me out on November 10th at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe.

TechPHX is free, and you can easily register here or even volunteer here.