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This weekend, Phoenix celebrates the end of times, the undead, boy wizards, and more.

Oh, October – you’re so wonderfully weird…

Friday, Oct 12th

Apocalypse Party! [Mesa]
  • This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a 2nd Friday.
  • All armageddons will be equally represented, from zombies to elder gods to Mayan calendars.
  • (And robot uprisings?)
  • Get yourself all Mad Max’d up, or just go as you are – at Downtown Mesa during the evening hours.
Vampire Dance Thing [Phoenix]
  • The title I used for this pretty much sums up what I know about it.
  • But hey, it’s vampires and it’s October, so…
  • Class up your gothiness with some performance art at the Phoenix Theatre.

Saturday, Oct 13th

DesertJS Mini-Conference and Hack Attack [Phoenix]
  • Another event I know next to nothing about, but still wanted to mention.
  • If you fancy yourself a bit of a “JavaScript/NodeJS developer” it should be fun.
  • Involves a “hack attack” and prizes – at the U of AT.
Phoenix FearCon V! [Scottsdale]
  • This one’s for you horror fans.
  • Special guests, a live version of Fear Factor as well as Plants vs Zombies.
  • Have a sick and twisted time for a surprisingly reasonable price.
  • At Ultrastar Cinemas in Scottsdale Pavilions.
Pottermore Party [Mesa]

*Just Added: Walking Dead Season 3 Premier Party at The Film Bar. Sunday at 6pm.

Have at it, friends!

Let me know if I missed anything, and have a great weekend.