Masqueratde - Flickr - Kira Okamoto

This weekend, Phoenix parties with zombies, fights giant monsters, goes down a steampunk rabbit’s hole, and more.

Plenty for everyone this weekend. Enjoy the crap out of it.

Thursday, Oct 18th

Tucson Terror Fest Begins! [Tucson]
ULTRASEVEN 45th Anniversary [Phoenix]
  • Nothing like giant men in spandex kicking the crap out of giant monsters.
  • Fill your evening with sparkly explosions and exaggerated poses!
  • The Brothers Ultra entertain at The Film Bar at 8pm.

Friday, Oct 19th

Steampunk Alice In Wonderland [Mesa]
  • Desert Rose Theatre has decided that Wonderland needs more brass goggles.
  • If you tend to agree, their steampunk version of Carol’s classic begins this weekend.
  • A little pricey, but sounds pretty fun.
  • Shows all weekend.
Zombie Prom Night [Tempe]
  • Ah, prom night.
  • That special evening filled with laughing, dancing, and feasting on the flesh of the living.
  • Relive that special undead magic at this all ages zombie prom.
  • Go all out and you may be crowned king or queen.
  • Starts at 6pm at 910 Live in Tempe.
Dungeon Master Happy Hour [Chandler]
  • Time once again to gather round and share tales of glory and gaming.
  • All adventurers welcome.
  • At Fibber McGee’s – also at 6pm.

Saturday, Oct 20th

Laughing Moon Con 2012 [Goodyear]

Zombie Buffet 5K [Phoenix]

Fantasy Day [Phoenix]

  • While I tend to lean SciFi, I do love me some fantasy now and then.
  • (When will you be released, Doors of Stone!?)
  • So does Barnes & Noble, so they’re throwing a party for the genre.
  • At the Metro Center store, starting 10am and going most of the day.

Otsukimi Moonviewing Festival 2012 [Phoenix]

Midnight Masquerade [Phoenix]

  • This one looks like it will be crazy huge.
  • Live music and masked madness all night long.
  • At the Madison Events Center starting around 8pm- get more details here.

Shaolin Warriors [Mesa]

Let me know what I missed, and I hope you have a great weekend!