Neal Stephenson

If you want to see Neal Stephenson talk about geek culture and the future, you better RSVP.

The futurist and cyberpunk author is swinging by ASU (again) to talk geek, and how information will move around in the not too distant future.

We use specialized language to communicate expertise, abstract concepts and membership in particular knowledge communities. But we also use it to share certain kinds of enthusiasm, identifying ourselves gleefully, or mournfully, as nerds, geeks, wonks, etc. What does it mean to be a nerd today, and how do we communicate across the barriers of academic disciplines, research areas and fan communities? Join celebrated author Neal Stephenson, structural engineer Keith Hjelmstad and social media scholar Alice Daer as they discuss the joys and challenges of communicating, collaborating and nerding out in very different spheres.

Here’s the low-down on the when and where:

(Thanks for tracking down the details, Bob!)