Phoenix Comicon

Information about Phoenix Comicon 2013’s volunteer needs are slowly appearing.

Every time I’ve gone to Phoenix Comicon, I’ve felt that the volunteers have been awesome, helpful, and interested in everyone having a good time.

It’s not too early to enlist, and so far two departments have openly put out a call for help:

Film Festival Event Staff

Film and Web Programming

Reports to
Film Festival Coordinator

• Participate in Film Festival team meetings online and/or in-person
• Participate in Film and Web programming department meetings as needed
• Research and invite quality films to submit to the festival
• Participate in pre-screenings (leading up to the convention) to initially rate films and judge them
on age appropriateness and other criteria
• Help manage the festival’s online presence as requested
• Assist in filmmaker communications as requested
• Be a filmmaker liaison leading up to and during the convention
• Work during the convention for at least 2 shifts: 1 shift in a screening room and 1 additional shift
as determined by the department
• Assist the other sub-departments as desired. For example, volunteer to read and rate scripts.

• Be a Phoenix Comicon supporter
• Be a film lover
• Have a customer service mentality
• Be that person who never wants to let their team down
• Have a great sense of humor

If you are interested in a Film Festival Event Staff position, send an email to explaining why you are interested, your ability to rock the
responsibilities and how you have the skills and attributes desired.


Info Desk Manager

Organize and manage the info desks for the convention, this includes responsibility of four coordinators and teams through out the convention space. Ensure that each team keeps their booth staffed and ready to assist attendees. Organize Materials to assist info desk staff and coordinate with other departments to keep up to date information available to all info desk staff. Ensure phones are answered during the convention and respond to voicemails before. Assign and monitor the answering of all oracle emails. Interview, hire and train info desk coordinators and assist them in interviewing and hiring their staff members. Please for more information.

Outreach Manager:

Works to create relationships with outside company, organizations and people to cross promote the event. They are in charge of three coordinators who they are in charge of re hiring, hiring and training. Ensures that promotional materials are out to stores and finds events for the street team to hand out promotional materials at. Please email for more information.

Have you volunteered for Phoenix Comicon before?

What was it like? What was your favorite thing about it?