mc frontalot

This is the kind of show you go to when you’re feeling really, really nerdy, yo.

The kings behind Kingdom of Loathing are throwing their 9th annual bash for all things KoL and, since an adventurer is you, anyone can join in the musical portion of their revelry.

(Quick story: I once met the makers of KoL without even knowing it. #coolstorybro)

MC Frontalot won’t be alone either, local video game rapper MegaRan will also entertain. *And Treasure Mammal – thanks for the reminder, Amber!

It’s quite possible that nerdcore could rise up next Saturday:

  • Show is Sept 22nd, at 10pm.
  • (That means you can still see me at The Torch that night!)
  • At 12 W Main in Downtown Mesa.
  • If you’re part of KoL-Con 9, you’re good to go – just flash your badge.
  • Otherwise you’ll just drop $10.

Learn more about KoL-Con 9, or check out Frontalot’s tour page, which mentions the Minibosses also playing – but I’ve yet to confirm if that’s happening.