Keen Halloween

*Update – I’ve already contacted the winners, but I’d still love to hear your Halloween stories!*

It’s been a while since I did a giveaway – so let’s do this!

Steamcrow’s Keen Halloween is a brand new event that celebrates the spooky magic of Halloween and aims to bring to life your homemade costumes, decorations, and special effects.

I’m pretty excited for it, and my son Jonas is looking forward to the first chance he’ll get to wear his homemade power armor costume.

Want free passes? To participate, just leave a quick comment about your best Halloween ever. 

Was it your costume? Something crazy that happened? The sweet, sweet loot?

Doesn’t matter.

I’ll pick my favorite answer tonight to win 2 free passes to Keen Halloween and an exclusive print.

The winner can pick them up at the event.

Plus, I’ll pick a random person to win a $10 gift card to Bookmans, just for playing.

So let’s hear it! Oh, and if you want more Keen info, you can always like their Facebook page.