If you’ve ever been to this blog and thought to yourself, “Now this is a guy I would like to see on stage telling random stories, barking out trivia questions, or rambling about blogging,” you’ve got three chances to make those dreams a reality in the near future.

And it’s by cosmic coincidence that two of these events are on the same weekend.

Hobbit Trivia Night With Bookmans

“The Neighborhood” With The Torch Theatre

  • One of the improv troupes at The Torch has a bit where they have someone tell stories on stage.
  • They then use those stories to create hilarious scenes.
  • Next weekend, I am their story guy.
  • Come laugh at me┬áSaturday, Sept 22nd starting at 8:30pm.

TechPHX – “Turning Followers Into Browncoats”

I hope you’ll come to at least one so we can freeze-frame high-five at some point!