Iron Giant

This weekend, Phoenix gets down with giant monsters, lovable robots, hobbits, trippy sci-fi, nerdcore, and more.

So many things going on this weekend, you may need a TARDIS.

Thursday, Sept 20th

Tokusatsu Theater [Phoenix]

  • A giant snake, terrible dialogue & dubbing, over the top everything – unintentional comic gold.
  • Check out Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (yes, that’s the actual title) at 8pm at The Film Bar Phoenix.
  • Enjoy these details.

Friday, Sept 21st

Monty Python’s Spamalot [Phoenix]
  • Enjoy Brave Sir Robin, huge tracks of land, and killer bunnies.
  • Taking the stage this weekend and running through Oct 14th.
  • At the Phoenix Theater – learn more.
Beyond The Black Rainbow [Phoenix]
  • If you like your sci-fi films artsy, dark, slow, retro, and trippy – I give you Beyond The Black Rainbow.
  • Soak in the visuals and scratch your head starting at 6pm.
  • At The Film Bar Phoenix – lots of show times all weekend.

Hobbit Trivia Night! [Mesa]

  • I’ll be asking the questions, Bookmans will be handing out prizes, and Kiki’s will be stuffing our faces.
  • At Bookmans Mesa starting around 7pm.
  • Journey over here for official info.

The Dr Diabolic Show [Phoenix]

  • It’s time for another installment of Dr Diabolic!
  • This month it’s a screening of Don’t Look In The Basement.
  • (I have a feeling that this advice will be ignored.)
  • Also at The Film Bar, at 10:30pm.

Saturday, Sept 22nd

Platform 9 3/4 & Hogwarts House Parties [Mesa & Phoenix]

  • Gotta love the boy who lived! Bookmans does, and wants to show it.
  • Two parties at both Mesa & Phoenix locations.
  • The Mesa party will even be recruiting for a Quidditch team!
  • Bookmans Mesa at 1pm, and Phoenix at 3pm.
Iron Giant Screening [Tucson]
  •  One of my favorite movies of all time, benefiting one of my favorite local charities.
  • Starts at 2pm at the Fox Theater in Tucson.
  • Supermaaaan… ::sniff:: Gets me every time.

“The Neighborhood” with Lightning Octopus [Phoenix]

  • Come shout random words at me and watch as I try and come up with stories.
  • The geniuses behind The Foundation will then turn those stories into scenes.
  • Starts at 8:30pm at The Torch Theatre – and while I’m slightly nervous, I’m also pretty excited.

Talk Like A Pirate Day Celebration [Glendale]

MC Frontalot & MegaRan

  • Perhaps you are a big Kingdom of Loathing player and are partaking in KoL-Con 9 this weekend.
  • If so, you’ve probably already planned on attending this show.
  • If not, you can still get in! Just $10. Starts at 10pm.
  • Here’s my post on MC Frontalot coming for more info.
  • Very high probablility that I will be showing up for this.

There’s also a comic book event benefiting victims of the Aurora shooting, and the Flagstaff Festival… of Science! going on.

Go forth, nerdlings. Fill the valley with your mightiness, and your lives with crazy stories.

Hope I see you at some of these! Let me know if I missed anything, that we may all partake.