Hunger Games

Not content with sitting on the sidelines while those lucky tributes have all the fun?

The Arizona Hunger Games invite you to form a team – at least two people – and enter the arena this fall.

Of course, instead of fighting each other to the death to help feed your family, these Hunger Games will actually benefit hungry kids here in Phoenix, with 100% of proceeds going to Children First Academy.

(Also, I’m pretty sure you won’t actually be fighting to the death. I’ll have to check.)

While some details about this event are still being formed, other details have been announced:

  • The Arizona Hunger Games will occur Saturday, Nov 3rd starting at 11am.
  • Locations are still being worked out.
  • Teams will train in “survival,” and then participate in competitions against each other.
  • (I have a hunch that archery may pop up at some point.)
  • The games will conclude with a Capital Ball, Saturday, Nov 17th with winners announced.
  • Expect crazy colors, foods, and costumes.
  • You do not need to participate in the games to come to the Capital Ball.

So what will it cost? Well, they’re still working on getting sponsors to help keep costs down, but you can help give the event legs by “liking” their page and following along. Or if you are in a position to help sponsor, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

I just hope this will somehow involve Tracker Jackers, because I love saying that. Tracker Jackers.