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Kinda random, I know, but I’ve stumbled across two “calls for zombies” in the same week.

If you’ve got the rattling in your bones to shamble, stumble, crawl, and groan, your services are requested.

First up is the local haunted house The 13th Floor

  • Open casting call for those willing and able to haunt the halls.
  • They’re looking for zombies, but also anything else able to turn blood cold.
  • Show up Wed, Sep 5th at 7pm at the haunted house to get going.
  • Learn a little more here.

Next is a local no-budget zombie flick being shot

  • From what I can tell it’s a kind of “How To Survive” zombie show.
  • They’ll provide the make up – and lunch!
  • (Insert joke about zombies + lunch.)
  • Saturday, Sep 8th at 9am.
  • Location and details here.

Shamble on!

(And if you can’t wait until next week, there are plenty of ways to geek out this weekend.)