Lightning Octopus Shirt

The day has finally arrived, Cephalobots. 

As foretold by ancient prophecy (ancient prophecies are the best kind), I am unleashing the raw awesomeness of  shirts upon the masses.

Lightning Octopus shirts are now available for purchase over at this fancy online store!

But since this blog is more about building up the local geek scene and less about selling shirts and making money, I kept prices as low as I could and any money that actually does make it to me will be donated to Kids Need To Read.

I also think my wife got a little bored yesterday because she pimped out the store with a bunch of different shirts, so hopefully there’s a good fit for you – but if you don’t see something you want, let me know and I’ll see if I can get it added.

(Huge thanks, once again, to Eric Torres for designing the logo.)

Hope you like ’em, and please let me know if you get one!

By the way, I’ve been told these shirts offer a bonus to water spells, and +8 to Charisma.