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Heya kids – who wants to be driven insane with forbidden knowledge?!

If you answered “Ooh, I do!” – and you enjoy cake – then I just may have the best news ever.

The Cult of The Yellow Sign (an “equal opportunity doomsday cult”) is throwing a birthday bash for the tentacle-obsessed master of horror, and everyone’s invited.

It should be a party that even The Old Ones shall not soon forget – boasting Lovecraftian poetry, live music, performances, and even a few “surprises” for those of you brave enough to show up.

The madness begins at 7:30pm, Monday the 20th, at the Trunk Space in Phoenix.

Admission is just $6.

I should probably go. I mean, I don’t want to drop names or anything, but Cthulhu¬†is¬†kinda my homeboy.