Keen Halloween - Daniel Davis - Steamcrow

I hope you love Halloween as much as I do. SteamCrow does, and probably much (much) more.

So much so, that he and his tiny crew of goblins are organ-izing (yuk yuk) an event to celebrate the classic spooky side of Halloween.

Keen Halloween will happen September 29th all day long at New School Arts Academy in Tempe.

But he can’t do it alone. If you’d like to get involved, SteamCrow is reaching out for help with the following:

Entertainment Manager

Helps find/develop our Halloween themed entertainment track. Contact entertainers, organize schedule (3-4 45 minute acts), and run the Entertainment track. Works with the facility sound tech and the Vendor Hall Manager to make sure that the volume does not overwhelm the hall/vendors. Reports directly to the Convention Director.

Volunteer Manager

Contact, rally, organize and assign volunteers to the various tasks we’ll need. A contact hub for the various folks. Reports directly to the Convention Director.

Workshop Manager

Contact and find Workshop Leaders, organize the schedule (5-6 45 minute workshops), and run the Workshop track. Reports directly to the Convention Director.

Setup/Breakdown Manager

Run the volunteer laborers (Goblins) to help move-in, move-out, move tables, chairs in and out of the halls, position tables, etc. Reports directly to the Convention Director.

Security Manager

Run a small team of security volunteers to make sure that folks are safe, control entry/exits, and that no damage is being done to the facility. Need to create a lockdown plan in case we lose a child.

Vendor Hall Liason

Help with Friday night vendor prep, helps direct vendor setup, breakdown, answer vendor questions, double-check that we’ve collected tax numbers, help vendor folks out. Reports directly to the Convention Director.

Registration Manager

Run registration, collect and secure funds, assign goods/passes, and answer questions. Also runs the Info Desk.

Street Team Manager

Find Street Team members (Street Trolls), manage marketing tasks.

Head on over here to the Keen Halloween site and let them know you’re willing to help.

Spread the word, if you know other Halloween fans!