This weekend, Phoenix celebrates anime, fantasy, science fiction, and all of their fans.

Expect nothing less than a venerable cornucopia of geek indulgences this weekend.

Squees shall be squeed…

Thursday, August 30th

Superhero Fisticuffs [Phoenix]

  • Take some lasers, monsters, and shiny costumes…
  • Then add crazy martial arts.
  • Enjoy the madness all night at The Filmbar, starting at 8pm.
  • Karate chop these details.

*Just Added – The “Last” RockyCon! [Tempe]

Friday, August 31st

CopperCon 32 [Avondale]

  • This little convention is all about books, authors, and artists.
  • Should be great for hardcore fantasy and RPG fans.
  • Doesn’t come cheap though –  tickets are $55 at the door.
  • Starts Friday and goes through Labor Day at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Saturday, September 1st

SF & Fantasy Writing Workshop [Mesa]

  • Can’t afford CopperCon? Fear not, little one.
  • You can hang out with other local genre authors for free at Lo Fi Coffee.
  • Just show up and absorb the nerdy goodness.
  • Starts around 10am.

SabotenCon [Glendale]

Let me know if I missed anything, that we may all partake.

So who’s going to SabotenCon?