All right, otakus, you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to get ready for SabotenCon.

Schedules are up, guests have been announced, and tickets are available.

Now, having been to SabotenCon last year, I can tell you the following about this convention with great certainty:

  1. SabotenCon focuses on cartoons & video games.
  2. There will be tons of costuming going on.
  3. There will be tons and tons of Homestuck cosplaying going on.
  4. There will be video games.
  5. You will very likely meet Mario,  Luigi, and Princess Peach.
  6. Timelords may appear young and female.
  7. There may or may not be a Steampunk No Face to spirit you away.
  8. Earth, Air, Water, and Firebenders will abound.
  9. Some girls will only “meow” at you.
  10. Ninjas will travel in packs.
  11. Expect more than a few Power Rangers.
  12. Humanoid Typhoons will flash the peace sign at you, but with a twist.
  13. Get used to seeing the Nintendo DS.
  14. You may find yourself trapped in a tiny Pokeball.
  15. There will be a million things to buy – some things may cause you to make this face.
  16. There will be furries.
  17. Some costumes will look really cool (and I will not know what 90% of them are from).
  18. At least once, you will get lost in a sea of lolitas.
  19. Giant flags will be waved around.
  20. Everyone will be there to have a good time.
  21. There will be much dancing – sometimes in boxer shorts.

Now, my friend, you are prepared. Go and be one with all that is Sabo.

Get your anime on Sept 1st – 3rd, at The Renaissance Glendale Hotel.