dark knight rises promo

If you like your Batmen high-tech and husky-voiced you’ve probabaly been looking forward to Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises for some time now.

Well, the wait is almost over, and tickets for midnight premiers are on sale for showings all over the valley.

But perhaps you’re a little hazy on some of the recent details and mythology. Maybe you’re up for some kind of “Batman marathon” to maximize your mental descent into the madness of Gotham.

Arizona has you covered, my friends.

Watch your favorite Wayne become a ninja and not-run-over The Joker all over again this Thursday (July 19th):

Harkins Theaters

AMC Theaters

  • $25 – Starts at 6:00 pm.
  • Or go all out and drop $40 for the whole thing in IMAX.
  • Includes a poster and commemorative lanyard.
  • Details over this way, as well as Midnight showing tickets.

Cinemark Theater

  • (Apparently there is a Cinemark in Mesa.)
  • $20 – Starts at 6:15 pm.
  • Includes discounted concessions and the fancy lanyard again.
  • Learn all about it.

There you go! I hope this movie is awesome – I’m looking forward to it much more lately.

Nolan has been pretty brutal to his Batman so far Рphysically, mentally, and emotionally.

How do you think the trilogy will end?