jonathan lightning octopus

If you’re reading this, that means you are awesome. Studies have proven that LO readers are, on average, 173% more awesome than everyone else in the entire universe – hyper advanced god-like alien races included. Think about that for a moment.

You’re awesome because you know you’re a geek, support other geeks, and are interested in local community.

Now consider all of the easy ways to keep up with this awesomeness.

Today, I invite you to “subscribe” in some way (if you haven’t already), and if you know others who’d find the local Arizona geek scene interesting, to invite them to subscribe too.

Getting a hold of me is pretty easy too, whether to share local info, share upcoming events, ask a question, or send gushing fan mail.

(I do my best to find local goings on myself, but some of the best and most interesting finds have come from readers tipping me off.)

I like to think that Lightning Octopus helps bring some life to our growing geek scene ’round these parts (that’s the goal anyway), and I’d love to see it grow even more.

Thanks, cephalobots!