I still remember staying up late during the 90’s so I could watch Star Trek: TNG.

Well, tonight you don’t need to stay up so late, but you can catch two TNG episodes at most AMC theaters here in Phoenix, for a 25th anniversary celebration.

First up will be “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” where the magical Traveler does crazy stuff and tells Picard that Wesley is special. Yeah, it’s season one, but still fun.

Next up will be Datalore, which is great because it introduced both Lore and the Crystalline Entity.

The event boasts a few behind the scene type extras and interviews as well.

It all starts at 7pm tonight – learn more and get tickets if you can make it.

The episode of TNG that always stuck with me was:

Tapestry – the one where Picard gets all dead because of his artificial heart, so Q lets him change the past to where he never got it, but then learns that without it he’d have ended up spending his life as an unambitious underling. It always stuck with me as a pretty powerful example of accepting your past, as well as not playing life too safe. The scenes of a timid Picard trying to tell his superiors he thinks he’s ready for leadership are haunting to me.

So, what’s your favorite episode?