This weekend, Phoenix parties with giant turtles, muddy pirates, sun bathing zombies, and more.

Go forth, readers, and lay waste to monotony:

Thursday, July 26th

Gamera vs Guillon! [Phoenix]

  • Gamera is, by far, the greatest giant fire breathing turtle of all time.
  • (No offense, Bowser.)
  • Watch the Friend of All Children fight a giant monster with a sword for a head.
  • Because it is awesome.
  • At 8pm at The Film Bar.

Friday, July 27th

Animeland Tucon! [Tucson]

Saturday, July 28th

Pirate Mud Wrestling! [Phoenix]

Zombie Beach Party! [Phoenix]

Sunday, July 29th

Voyage Trekkers [Phoenix]

Let me know what I missed, or what sounds fun to you!