Arizona’s geek scene is alive and well – I write about nerd stuff going on every single week – and nerd revelry is to be found here year round. But some of our favorite activities are the almighty “conventions” that punctuate the geekery throughout the year.

Our scene is blessed with quite a few regular conventions that come back year after year, Phoenix Comicon being the big one. But newer conventions pop up from time to time as well. Some pretty ambitious.

So, some encouraging news: In the last few months, three newer conventions have announced that they will be returning in 2013

Wild Wild West Con 2013

The biggest steampunk convention in the state skipped 2012 while toying with a name change. But it appears they’re sticking with their original name & location.

Wild Wild West Con 2013 will arrive (by airship, no doubt) at Old Tucson Studios March 8th – 10th, 2013.

I’m excited as I’ve never been able to attend WWWC, so maybe this will be my chance.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2013

*Update – Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2013 is moving to the Phoenix Convention Center and will be bringing in Stan Lee.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2013 will shamble into Phoenix January 25th – 27th 2013.

Vul-Con 2013

HailĀ CaesarĀ Gaming! I’ve gotten to know the Vul-Con guys over the last year, and I wish I had half the passion these guys do about gaming. They’ve got some pretty ambitious plans and I’ve very pleased that 2013 is official.

Vul-Con 2013 conquers the Phoenix Convention Center February 22nd – 24th 2013.

* Update – Taiyou Con 2013

Their site is having issues, but I have confirmed that this proudly low-key (and bizarre commercial-making) anime convention is coming back as well.

Taiyou Con 2013 will return to the Hilton Phoenix Mesa/East January 4th – 6th 2013.

I’m sure all three four of these conventions would appreciate help in various forms, so I encourage you to not be shy and connect with them if you’d like to get involved.