Batman Stormtrooper - JD Hancock - Flickr

This weekend, Phoenix parties with Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, Frankenstein, Ninja Turtles, and more!

Enjoy this week’s pretty epic list of things to do in Phoenix!

Thursday, July 19th

Star Wars Story Time [Phoenix]

Batman Marathons [All Over]
Hooters Superhero Bash [Phoenix]
  • The Hooters girls will be dressing up as superheroines and villains.
  • Because.
  • I’m going to make a wild guess that their costumes will all begin with the word “sexy.”
  • Starts around 8pm – get details here.

Friday, July 20th

Harry & The Potters [Phoenix]

Batman Dance Party! [Scottsdale]

  • The ultimate Batman Dance Party!
  • At Digital Addiction around 9:30pm – 21+
  • Details here.

Saturday, July 21st

Arizona Highland Celtic Festival [Flagstaff]

  • If  you like kilts, archery, giant swords, and stuff  with celtic knots on it, I have great news!
  • Drive up to Flagstaff and bagpipe the crap out of your entire weekend.
  • At Foxglenn Park – And yes, I toyed with the idea of writing this entire description with a Scottish accent.

Salt River Tubing’s Spooktacular Halloween [Salt River]

  • Combine your love of costuming with your love of floating down rivers.
  • Apparently this is an annual thing and is pretty popular.
  • From 3pm to 9pm – this flyer has much more information.

Frankenstein! [Phoenix]

  • Class up your geek weekend with some British theater! (Beamed into Pheonix.)
  • Want to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Dr Frankenstein? Go to the 11am show.
  • Want to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Dr Frankenstein’s Monster? Go to the 2pm show.
  • At the Phoenix Art Museum – these details… ARE ALIVE!

Iconica Game Night [Phoenix]

Ninja Turtle Pizza Party II [Tempe]

There you go! Get out and have fun.Please let me know if anything was missed, or what you think sounds fun this weekend.