When your little blog about Arizona Geek Culture turns two years old, you pull together Arizona’s geeks and you get down!

(Okay, I don’t think anyone got down at Lightning Octocon, but I do think we had fun.)

It was awesome getting to see so many of you again, and meeting a bunch of people I’ve only known “online.”

Enjoy some pics from the birthday bash!

The giant Wall o’ Mario 3 was pretty popular.

I thought it was pretty sweet, myself.

Then HeatSync Labs showed up with the tentacle mustaches they laser cut:

My favorite part of Octocon is standing around and having conversations with awesome people.

The kiddos had fun too.

I honestly can’t thank everyone enough. I had a small army of friends and family show up to help set up – things were up and ready to go with minutes to spare! Stacey took some photos for me again, because she rocks. And my wife has put up with my stress for months now.

LuluBell’s Toy Bodega was not only an amazing space for the event, but the owners got into the spirit, helped out, modified their store, and seemed to genuinely have fun doing it.

Again, if you came out, it meant a lot. Thanks for another great year, everyone!