StormtrooperGaming - JD Hancock Flickr

If you’re into gaming at all, you may want to clear your schedule this weekend.

ConFlagration is the newest geek convention to rise up here in Phoenix, and it promises a weekend of doing one thing, and doing it well: gaming. Board games, tabletop games, role playing games, console games, card games, minatures, LARPing – if its a game, they’re probably up for it.

I’m pretty into encouraging and supporting anyone trying to bring more geek culture to the mix around here, so I’m hoping we can help ConFlagration live up to its name and help it catch fire. Attend if you can, or just help spread the word!

ConFlagration starts this Friday, the 22nd, and goes through Sunday at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, and you can register online for $20 for the entire weekend.