Local creatives are awesome, especially when they’re geeks. I like supporting them – it makes me feel good.

The easiest way to help these days seems to be the Kickstarter craze. (Hey, that rhymed!) I’ve never used it – well, never funded anything from it – but it seems to be a pretty effective thing for a lot of people.

And so, I give you a handful of local, geek-centric projects that you can drop a fiver on (or more) then beam with pride the rest of the day for helping.

Some are impressive, some fun looking, but they all claim to be from The AZ.

The Undertakers: Webisodes

  • This web series from Phoenix wants to breath new life into the zombie genre.
  • (Ba-dum – tshh!)
  • Actually stars Zarek from Battlestar Galactica.

Word Realms by Asymmetric

  • The mad geniuses behind Mesa based Kingdom of Loathing┬áhave a new game!
  • This one’s a word based RPG, and is almost completely funded – over $70k as of right now.
  • Even if you can’t help with this one, you should at least watch the video.
  • (It’s pretty great.)

Ashes of Seraphim by Michael Peterson

  • An extremely dark short fantasy film.
  • Looks pretty sword-wieldy.
  • Perfect for you monster fans.

Void Rim: A Multiplayer, Turn-Based Strategy Game by Desert Owl Games

  • It’s hard to describe this one without bringing up StarCraft.
  • Pretty impressive looking strategy game.
  • If you can’t help fund, they’re also just looking for crowd-sourced feedback.
  • Local steampunky goodness!
  • These guys do a lot of filming around town, so stay in touch if you’d like to be involved.

Legend of the Lost Dutchman by Crash Games

  • An Arizona made board game that takes place in Arizona!
  • I love board games. Hope this one makes it.
  • Throw down $600 and they’ll work you into the game.

Four Aces: Tactical Cooperative Espionage Adventure Game by Studio Noir, LLC

  • I’m a fan of side-scrollers, multiplayer, and cool sci-fi.
  • Hope this one does well.
  • Some cool character designs.

Help if you can, or support by spreading the word!