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This weekend, Arizona plays tons of games, transforms into an 80’s cartoon, raps about Final Fantasy, and gazes into the heavens.

It’s time for this week’s list of geeky things to do.

Read it. Love it.

Friday, June 22nd

MegaRan [Tempe]

ConFlagration [Tempe]

  • Time to shine up your lucky d20 and roll it some crits!
  • Spend your weekend gaming at The AZ’s newest convention.
  • At Tempe Mission Palms – learn more on my post about ConFlagration.
  • I get to go to this one; I hope I see you there!

Saturday, June 23rd

Transformers: The Movie! [Tempe]

  • Cult Classics is going to do its best to wipe Michael Bay from your mind.
  • (For one evening, at least.)
  • Take yourself back to a classic in 80’s pop-culture with Transformers!
  • Screening at Madcap Theaters at 8pm.

Trekkie Star Gazing [Way Up North]

Pirate Game Night [Glendale]

  • Take a game night, add some pirates…
  • Find out what the end result is at Imperial Outpost Games.
  • Starts about 6pm and goes until 9pm.
  • Learn a little more here.

As always, please share if anything has been missed, and have fun this weekend!