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This weekend, Arizona celebrates RPGs, zombies, and launches the return of its biggest Steampunk convention.

Techno Mr Rogers wants you to get out and be curious about the world around you this weekend.

Obey his weirdly soothing and heavily synthesized voice.

Friday, June 15th

Dungeon Master’s Happy Hour [Chandler]

  • Gather around the table and test your constitution score.
  • DMs and gamers are getting together to chat RPG.
  • At Fibber McGee’s in Chandler from 6pm to 9pm.
  • All are invited.

Blood Spatter Book Release Party [Mesa]

  • Zombies zombies zombies.
  • They’re everywhere these days, but especially this Friday at Monsterland.
  • Get your “Blood Spatter” book signed by the author.
  • Check it, yo.

Saturday, June 16th

Free RPG Day [Glendale]
  • I only know of one store participating in Free RPG Day this year.
  • Imperial Outpost Games is listed on the FRPGD site.
  • Plus they posted this vague message on Facebook.
  • Show up and play some games and “get free RPG stuff.”
Wild Wild West Con 2 – Launch Party [Phoenix]
  • Arizona’s big ol’ Steampunk Convention is returning!
  • Check out their launch party, volunteer, learn more.
  • At the Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel from 4pm to 6pm.
  • (I just started reading Felix Gilman’s The Half-Made World. Pretty good so far.)
Costumes Music Art Party Thing [Phoenix]

As always, please share if I missed anything and have a most excellent weekend!