The Strand 2006 Green Goggles Photo by Lix Inobla

This weekend, Arizona goes bump in the night, plays Atari, spins a web, and goes post-apocalyptic.

A solid mix of things to do this week! Try checking something out you wouldn’t normally go to.

Friday, June 29th

A Midsummer Night’s Scare [Phoenix]

  • Local author and paranormal investigator Debe Branning wants to freak you out.
  • Enjoy some campfire stories (sans-campfire) and learn what she’s seen & heard over the years.
  • At Wy-Knot Cafe from 5pm to 9pm.
  • Learn more about this event.
Museum Play Date Night [Phoenix]

  • It’s about time the Phoenix Children’s Museum kicked out all the kids and let us play!
  • Retro games, Slinky races, and a “HUGE Atari 2600 gaming wall.”
  • From 8pm to 11pm. 21+ only.
  • Here’s the official info.

Saturday, June 30th

Amazing Spider-man Events [Scottsdale & Phoenix]

The Strand – Combat Advantage Release Party [Scottsdale]

  • Local dungeon crawlers and industrial band members The Strand have a new album.
  • It’s called Combat Advantage, and they’ve made a post-apocalyptic short film for it.
  • (If I’m not mistaken, using some props made by HeatSync Labs?)
  • See both the band and their film at Chasers at 8:30pm.
  • Release party details!

Have fun and please share if I missed anything nerd-tastic!