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Well, Jean Luc may be out, but Wesley is in!

The internet’s favorite nerd is bringing his beard, his biting wit, and his boyish smile  to Phoenix Comicon in a few weeks.

It’s a bit of good news that may help take the edge off of hearing (just this morning) that Patrick Stewart couldn’t make it after all.

Wil has become a bit of a staple of Phoenix Comicon, having been a huge supporter since before it got “big.” And in my experience, he tends to act less like a guest, and more like an attendee – super friendly, wandering the convention, and becoming quite ubiquitous at times.

I remember last year thinking, more than once, “I can’t not run into Wil Wheaton at this thing.”

Of course, I suffer from a mild case of Deer-In-Headlights Syndrome (also known as Stupid Grin Syndrome) when it comes to meeting famous folks, so I’ve yet to gather the nerve to say hi.

Oh, and 1000 Awesome Nerd Points to anyone that can tell me why the shirt he’s wearing in that picture up there is pure awesome.