tumbler - Christano Betta, Flickr

The Batmobile has gone through more changes over the years than [insert funny pop culture reference here], am I right??

(If you have a favorite version of the Batmobile, I’d be curious what it is in the comments.)

Anyways, the latest iteration of The Dark Knight’s vehicle of choice is winding its way around the country as the movie draws nigh. Lucky for us “The Tumbler” stops in Phoenix in July, calling you near, beckoning you to take a photo next to it.

It won’t be alone either – its trusty sidekick, the Bat-Pod is touring with it. You know, the one Batman didn’t hit The Joker with.

Most photos of the tour seem to show it roped off, but then some show people inside or right next to it, so who knows just how personal you can get with said Batmobile. Photos also show various characters showing up in Gotham attire.

The Tumbler rolls into Phoenix on Monday, July 2nd at a Walmart in Phoenix, and Wednesday July 4th at the Harkins in Tempe Marketplace. From 10am – 3pm both days. Get addresses and details here.

Gigantic thanks to the readers who tipped me off!