Once again, Phoenix Comicon surpassed my expectations.

Attendance leaped over last year’s numbers, but registration issues seemed to be non-existent. The costumes were great (that top image being one of my all time favorites), although I never did see a Ruby Rhod. (Next year?)

Shatner showed his emotions and choked up a couple of times, the cast of Eureka admitted they have no idea what they’re saying when they read their techo-lines, and Spiner was just hilarious. (I’m having a Spiner moment!)

But as we return to the “real” world, where people don’t wear awesome, crazy, and hilarious costumes all the time, let’s enjoy a few photos from Phoenix Comicon 2012:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real comicon with out 100 million bazillion Homestuck cosplayers:

Awww, poor Greedo. Nobody believes you shot first…

And don’t miss our epic shots from Thursday night at Phoenix Comicon as well!

Huuuuuuuuge thanks to Stacey from Dream Photography Studios for helping Darby and I with photography this weekend, and for all of  the drop dead gorgeous shots. Stacey is bleeping incredible!

See you this Saturday at Lightning Octocon 2012!