My son Jonas and I went to score some free comics on Saturday.

We would have gone to a few more places for Free Comic Book Day, but it was quickly apparent that somebody needed a nap.

(Okay, it was both of us.)

Being naturally lazy myself, I gave him a digital camera and let him take the pictures – so enjoy his artsy 3-year-old perspective:

First stop was ACME at Samurai comics, where we ran into some formidable characters.

Steamcrow was there in all of their monster glory. This shot is actually pretty good.

This shot is of one of Steamcrow’s latest figures – appropriately, a camera character.

  Ben Glendenning strikes a classic has-your-kid-taken-the-picture-yet pose.

Samurai was jammin’ when we showed up around 11am. I hope it stayed busy!

They were super cool and let people take about 3 or 4 free comics, so I scored some Avengers and Mouseguard, and Jonas got one of “Pie-man” (Spider-man).

Next (and sadly last for us) stop was Gotham City Comics, just a few blocks away.

There, we ran into a few more characters and picked up an Adventure Time comic.

(I’ve heard a lot about Adventure Time but haven’t yet seen any episodes. Worth getting in to? Let me know.)

He didn’t get the sign in the shot, but this is me paying my respects to The Royale.

It’s always a blast going out with my kids. Thanks to everyone who was so nice to Jonas – he loved it!

So what did you score at Free Comic Book Day?

Discover anything new?