This weekend, Arizona laughs at zombies, plays tons of video games, and does super-hero roller derby.

Time to poke boredom in the eyes and sidle out the front door, Zoidberg style.

(Whoop-whoop-whoop whoop!)

Thursday, May 17th

Juan of The Dead [Tempe]

Friday, May 18th

Joel McHale [Phoenix]

  • You watch Community, right? Yeah, of course you do.
  • Mr Handsome will be dropping his wry quips live for you.
  • At Stand Up Live at 7:30pm
  • Tickets are $35.
Indie Game: The Movie [Phoenix]
Shaun of The Dead [Tempe]
  • Continuing the zombie humor thing, Juan is followed up by the classic Shaun.
  • (Can someone please film a movie about zombie octopi?)
  • Also at Madcap Theaters, but this one starts at 8pm.
  • Get some red on these details.

Saturday, May 19th

Controllers & Canvases [Mesa]
  • This is a not-to-miss event for video game fans.
  • Artists, costumers, and I’ll be there too!
  • Oh yeah, and The Minibosses will be playing.
  • Inside Bookmans Mesa starting at 4pm and going until 8pm.
  • Level up with this Facebook Event.
Heroes Vs Villains Roller Derby [Phoenix]

Sunday, May 20th

Pixel Art & Retro Video Game Trivia [Phoenix]

(Still not enough video game action for you this weekend? Check out The Pause Button for tons more going on.)

Wow, next weekend is Phoenix Comicon, and the weekend after that is Lightning Octocon!

If I missed anything this week – drop a comment and share with the rest of us, yo.