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This weekend, Arizona does costumes, more costumes, zombies, pirates, Legos, comics, & lucid dreaming.

Let your inner-geek out this weekend.

Slap your “same-old” routine in the face, give it a wedgie, then run out the door.

Friday, May 11th

CostumeCon 30 [Tempe]
Downtown Mesa’s Sci-Friday [Mesa]

Saturday, May 12th

Pirates With Lego-Land [Tempe]
  • Legos! Pirates! Put them together!
  • Register at 9am at AZ Mills Mall, then start building with provided materials at 10am.
  • Build the sweetest “pirate” themed model and win some pretty serious prizes.
  • Learn details here. Tempted to take my boys just to watch.
Pop Culture Paradise’s Grand Re-Opening [Tempe]
  • I’ve been hearing really good things about PCP’s new space.
  • Check it out yourself during their grand re-opening!
  • Party starts at noon – learn all about it.
Halfway To Halloween Pub Crawl [Scottsdale]
  • Wait until Halloween to wear costumes?
  • Pshaw!
  • Get your trick-or-treat on (way) early this year.
  • The debauchery begins at 7pm at Firehouse, and goes from there.
Lucidity! [Phoenix]
  • Enjoy the first 6 episodes of this locally filmed web series, and meet the crew.
  • It’s a trippy show about dream-sharing, lucid-dreaming, and overall hilarity.
  • At The Alwun House Foundation, starting at 6:30pm.
  • Details here (just scroll down a little).

Is that everything? If not, please share so that all may partake in some geeky goodness this weekend.

What will you be up to?