This weekend, Arizona starts Phoenix Comicon, rocks out with Muppets, and records some big podcasts.

The wait is over, and the madness is upon us.

Thursday, May 24th

Phoenix Comicon [Phoenix]
  • I believe registration opens around lunchtime.
  • I’m part of PUGS this night; it’s a great way to kick off the ‘con!
  • All weekend at The Phoenix Convention Center, Hyatt, and Renaissance.
  • Stalk me on Twitter and Facebook, and say “Hi!” if we run into each other!
Kevin Smith Podcast Live [Phoenix]
  • Or, I suppose you could swing by Stand Up Live and watch Kevin Smith.
  • Show is at 8pm.
  • Get your details here.

Friday, May 25th

Nerdist Podcast Live [Phoenix]

Launch Party for The Henson Stitch [Phoenix]
  • I don’t know too much about this project, but I believe local bands covered Muppets songs?
  • (Someone fill me in if you can.)
  • Check it out if you’re curious, big release party – Muppets style.
  • Here’s a Facebook event with party details.

Saturday, May 26th

The Geek Prom [Phoenix]

  • Yes, I know it’s part of Phoenix Comicon, but it’s the geek prom!
  • It must be mentioned.
  • Be there.

Have fun, everyone. I hope we cross paths this weekend.

And remember that NEXT weekend is Lightning Octocon!