Indie Game: The Movie & Lightning Octopus

Enjoy this camera phone shot of me, my definitely-time-for-a-haircut hair, and the makers of Indie Game.

I super-duper enjoyed this film and I’m glad that its tour passed through the valley. I think the best way to sum up this documentary comes from a story Lisanne & James (the film makers) shared during the Q&A session about a common response they’d get at screenings:

“After a show, a woman would raise her hand and say something like ‘So, game designers are really, like, artists!?'”

The responses from the audience were pretty incredible throughout the show. Laughs, gasps, and the girl next to me cried more than once.

The theater was packed for this screening. In fact, after the movie Lisanne & James told me they had to be moved to a bigger theater. Few things make me happier than local geek events maxing out attendance.

(Well done, Arizona.)

It was great being able to spend some time chatting with the filmmakers afterwards and picking their brain about the games they’d watched be created.

Check this movie out when you get the chance. And Fez comes out this Friday, after 4 years.

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