One of my favorite events at Phoenix Comicon last year was the very first one I went to – PUGS.

And this year, it returns as “PUGS 2: This Time… It’s PUGsonal.”

(Not actually what it’s called.)

Mr Jeff Moriarty and I got together a few months ago and plotted and schemed and twirled our non-existent-but-otherwise-nefarious mustaches and hatched some plans for the reincarnation of this battle of the nerds. This year we are expanding the smackdown from just Thursday night to both Thursday and Friday nights, with ultimate championships happening on the latter.

This epic war of words will happen in room #121 on both nights at 8pm at the Phoenix Comicon.

If you missed it last year, and I’m being too vague, PUGS is essentially a series of all-in-good-fun spontaneous debates about our favorite facets of geekdom. Topics are purposefully fun but difficult and the audience gets all wound up and laughs, and everyone has a blast. One ultimate geek walks away with a ridiculous trophy and is crowned the local patron saint of nerds for a year.

The event itself basically looks something like this.

Want to help?

We’re taking suggestions for debate topics. Last year’s included fast vs slow zombies, Autobots vs Deceptacons, and Buffy vs River. If you’ve got a good one, submit your idea on this form. Try and be creative, but not too obscure.

Stay tuned here for any updates and on how to sign up to be a part of the contest!