I think I need my own version of the Bat-Signal – a giant octopus signal shimmering in the clouds.

If I had one, I’d shine it right now to call as many awesome local geeks to arms as possible.

AZ ASSIST – a nonprofit based in Tempe that helps teens & young adults with autism and their families – is holding an “aspie friendly”  game day in a few weeks, which will pretty much be a tiny-little-mini-comicon.

Some local costumers will be showing up and attendees are encouraged to costume as well. Board games, video games, anime, D&D, Legos, and prizes shall abound.

They’re also looking for some help. Last I’ve heard, they are looking for:

Donations for tournament prizes, Donations towards our raffle, Lanyards (about 200), Badge
holders (about 200), Soda (any kind), Individual prepackaged items (ie chips, candy, etc), DDR
game (Wii platform preferred) with upgraded dance mats (loan or donation), TVs (ones that
aren’t dinosaurs!), Game systems (loan or donation), Social video Games not rated “M” that
are 2 player or more.

If you want to help out with materials or as a volunteer, contact:  cinder.mcdonald@azassist.com.

And if you just want to show up, have fun, and show support:

If you can’t make it, maybe just help spread the news?

I’d love to see events like this gain strength!