This weekend, Arizona rocks out with super-heroes, runs with super-heroes, acts like super-heroes… and enjoys David Bowie’s sweet, sweet silver pants.

Whoo, I am tired.

Can you guys go out and experience all of the awesomeness that this weekend has in store for me by proxy?


Friday, April 27th

The Aquabats! [Mesa]
  • Your favorite super-hero surf-rocker nerds are in town.
  • Super-rad!
  • Their half rock-show half 80’s-Saturday-morning-cartoon performance hits The Nile.
  • Doors open around 6:30pm – ride a tiger to some official info.
Labyrinth [Tempe]
  • Rocks… friends!
  • Cult Classics turns screenings of your favorite movies into full blown experiences.
  • Shows at 9pm and 11pm at Madcap Theaters.
  • Get tickets soon, or you won’t even make it to the oubliette.

Saturday, April 28th

Ka-Pow! Superhero Run [Gilbert]
  • Dress up as a super-hero. Go running!
  • Bring the family!
  • Starts at 8am at Freestone park, but I think you need to register if you want to participate.
  • Get details here, but don’t watch the video for it… seriously.

AZ ASSIST Gaming Day [Tempe]

  • Pretty much a tiny-little-mini-comicon for the family – and kids with autism.
  • I’m really hoping this events gets a good turnout and goes well.
  • Show up, support, and have fun at this address, all day.
  • Learn more with my post about this event.

The Mirror Gate Chronicles [Mesa]

*Half-way To Halloween Party [Mesa]

  • Julie just tipped me off to this one in the comments. (Thanks!)
  • Why wait until October? Let’s have a costume party.
  • From 8pm to 11pm at Monsterland.
  • Trick or Treat!

The Pause Button has the scoop on this weekend’s video game tournaments.

And I want to give a shout out to friends performing in the Phoenix Improv Festival this weekend!

As always, let me know if I missed anything, or what you think sounds fun.