Harry Potter at Jester'z

I’m in a very good (nigh-unto-bubbly?) mood today, and I desire to post something fun.

Plus it’s Pi Day!

Combine those with the fact that I have two tickets to give away to a show of the Scottsdale improv troupe Jester’z, and I think we’ve got something here.

You know how improv shows ask for suggestions, then entertain you within the constraints of those suggestions? I’ll make the suggestion and let you take it from there.

Using four words, show me what kind of geek you are, or how nerdy you are.

It could be a complete sentence, an obscure reference, four things you love, or the beginning of a haiku – I don’t care. (Just keep it PG-13.)

Leave a comment, make me laugh – or at least smile knowingly – for a chance to win. Plus one random commenter will get a giftcard to Bookmans, just for playing.

(I’ll contact you if you win, and let you know what kind of restraints the tickets carry with them.)


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