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Perhaps you, like me, intended to get a hotel for comicon weekend then found out that The Hyatt sold out in record time.

No need to despair: if you haven’t heard yet, The Phoenix Comicon picked up “The Renaissance Phoenix Downtown” as a 2nd hotel, & the Radisson as a 3rd but slightly-more-distant choice.

The Renaissance, probably your best option, is right across the street from The Hyatt, drawing a kind of straight line of nerdiness between it and the Convention Center.

Rates will be the same as they were for The Hyatt, and some major events have moved over to this new location – including  the Dr Who Time Lord Party, the Steampunk Ball, and even the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards.

Best of all? The Renaissance offers complimentary internet. (Very much needed.)

The Radissons are a few miles away, but offer some much lower rates.

Yes, Radissons as in plural. One in Phoenix, one at the airport. Options!

Get tons more details over at the Phoenix Comicon Location page.